Meet BigBoard

BigBoard is the all-in-one platform for coaches, student-athletes, and their parents to consolidate, connect, and communicate critical aspects of the recruiting and team management process. The platform enables coaches, student-athletes, and parents to streamline and to automate critical aspects of recruiting and team management to provide a more efficient and effective platform for a fragmented and manually intensive process. BigBoard serves as the community hub by providing the necessary functionality for each role within the platform. Unifying the data into one platform creates operational efficiency and effectiveness for each community member. It enables more informed and smarter decisions that lead to better results and higher satisfaction for all involved.

Founded in 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee, BigBoard seeks to aggregate the fragmented data and automate the manually intensive recruiting and team management processes to streamline the workflows and provide more efficient and effective results for coaches and student athletes and their parents. BigBoard is backed by a team of market advisors representing a variety of sports at every level.

Market Advisors

Tim Hasselbeck (Football Advisor)
Drew Maddux (Men’s Basketball Advisor)
Hal Gill (Hockey Advisor)
Corey Donohoe (Women’s Lacrosse Advisor)
Steve Patterson (Board Advisor)
Keith Martin (College Athletics Advisor)
Kevin Atkinson (Club Team Advisor)

The Team

Bobby Whitson
Founder and CEO
Dwight Pittman
David Broome

Market Advisors

Jason Maxwell
Board Advisor
Steve Patterson
Board Advisor
Keith Martin
Board Advisor